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Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC)

About us

Celebrating International Excellence in Research and Teaching
Celebrating International Excellence in Research and Teaching

The Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC) came into existence in 2019 as rebranding of the former Interdisciplinary Centre for Competition Law and Policy, which was created in 2006. During the years 2006 – 2019, the former centre was a highly successful, world-leading enterprise. With an ambitious agenda, the centre played an influential role in various professional circles and helped promote competition law teaching and scholarship around the world. Its re-launch as an Institute for Competition and Consumers reflects the particular focus given in recent years, as part of its activities, to both competition law and consumer law, including financial consumer protection, digitalisation, dispute resolution, sustainable consumption and human rights.

The ICC conducts research and offers training to judges, lawyers, business people and enforcement officials in the field of competition and consumer law, drawing on the multi-disciplinary strengths of Queen Mary University of London.

We aim to:

  • Conduct world-class research and produce outstanding publications
  • Build a strong, broad-based and well-informed competition and consumer law communities
  • Engage in competition and consumer advocacy and internationally recognised scholarship
  • Deliver innovative courses, training and consultancy to meet the needs and expectations of students, academics, practitioners, economists, policy-makers, competition and consumer enforcement bodies, judges and business people


Our academic members have a wide range of high-profile publications with a major impact on international competition and consumer law and policy.

Undergraduate competition law students
Undergraduate competition law students 2014-15

Global Antitrust Review

The ICC publishes an annual refereed student journal, the ICC Global Antitrust Review (GAR), which contains articles, case commentary and book reviews.

Training and Teaching

The ICC offers training for judges, practitioners, economists, policy-makers, and officials working in competition and consumer authorities. At Queen Mary University of London, the ICC offers an Annual Summer School in Competition Law, LLM in Competition Law, supervision for the PhD in Competition or Consumer Law, and competition and consumer law modules on the undergraduate LLB programme. Read more about ICC training and courses.

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