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Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC)


The Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC) has a broad research agenda of inter-disciplinary nature, which includes both theoretical and practical elements. 

Our members carry out a wide-range of research in competition law as well as related fields, given their expertise in competition and consumer law, economic theory, arbitration, intellectual property and political science.

To find out about research opportunities please contact us via email: You are also welcome to contact the ICC Director and Deputy Directors direct for all research-related queries.

ICC PhD Programme

The ICC attaches huge importance to the PhD in Law programme. We adopt an open-minded approach to PhD applications that is designed to put the interest of the applicant first. It is therefore possible to make an approach only for the purposes of obtaining guidance on a research idea without any indication of a desire to join the ICC. Indeed, in the case of those applicants who do not end up securing a positive answer to study at the ICC, every effort will be made to help them in their application somewhere else and to introduce them to other institutions. The important thing for us is for competition law and consumer law scholarship to flourish around the world, regardless of place of study.

Students who do go on to join us have the chance to become integrated in the team and fill a variety of positions – including teaching and administration – to enable them to show leadership and develop their skills.

Competition Law PhD Students

Candidates who successfully completed their PhD at the ICC include:

Dr Michele Giannino; Dr Jessica Hua Su; Dr Andreas Themelis; Dr Marsela Maci; Dr Mohamed El-Far; Dr Kadir Bas; Dr Ioannis Kalozymis; Dr Eda Sahin.

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