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Institute for Competition and Consumers (ICC)


Testimonials from

  • Zoran Sretic, Serbia
  • Lydia Phu Hien-Minh Nguyen, France
  • Takahiro Yamada, Japan
  • Hugo Chanez, USA
  • Florian Leib, Germany
  • Felipe Garcia-Pineda, Colombia
LLM Competition Law students
LLM Competition Law students 2013-14

The ICC offers a variety of courses, including training for competition authorities and judges, taught programmes for students and practitioners and a corporate programme for businesses.

Training for competition authorities and judges

The ICC offers a range of training programmes, including training for judges, practitioners, economists, policy-makers, and officials working in competition and consumer protection. 

ICC Training takes place across the world. Over the years, this training has included:

  • training on behalf of the EU to national judges around the Continent;
  • training on behalf of the United Nations and the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) to lawyers and government officials from around the world in Italy, Austria and South Africa;
  • training on behalf of national governments and competition authorities to competition officials notably across the Middle East. 

Taught programmes

Our students have the chance to interact with leading practitioners and specialists, whether at the ICC’s leading events or in the classroom. Also, a number of employment opportunities are open to our students to become engaged in competition and consumer law work beyond studying the subject. Over the years, several students have come to serve as research assistants, assistant-editors and editors within the ICC’s Global Antitrust Review (GAR) or contributors on behalf of the ICC to leading journals and databases.

Annual Competition Law Summer School

The Annual Summer School on Competition Law has run since 2001. This successful programme is designed to equip students and practitioners from different parts of the world with knowledge and understanding of competition law and policy with a particular focus on EU competition law.

Competition Law LLM

The ICC offers a leading Masters programme, the Competition Law LLM programme. This programme is taught through lectures, small group tutorials and case study sessions, which are based on real cases from practice.

Undergraduate LLB module in Competition Law

The module in competition law teaches the basic provisions of both EU and UK competition law. It provides a flavour of the economic and market context in which the competition rules of the EU and the UK are applied. Read more about undergraduate study at the School of Law.

Corporate programme for businesses

Competition law and its enforcement have developed in such a way and manner that competition awareness at all levels of the corporate ladder has become extremely crucial. 

The ICC’s corporate programme has offered competition law training and competition compliance work to some of the world's major businesses. Our corporate programmes have included several sectors, such as insurance, chemicals and paint production, aluminium, motor vehicles production and distribution, construction, telecoms, steel, shipping and boat manufacturing, transport and trucking, petroleum and fuel.

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